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Design of OMAMORI "Yu-zu-san"

Design ⇒108 Fuji Mountains ≈ Fuji shaped piled salt
"Mt.Fuji" One of the most famous symbols in Japan.
"Piled Salt" A Japanese traditional custom.

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji become World Heritage in 2013.
In tradition, Japanese are attracted not only the beauty of Mt. Fuji shape,
but also the Mountain as an object of worship.
Today, people believe Mt. Fuji as a lucky symbol.

Piled Salt

People in Japan traditionally sprinkle salt for purification,
and pile it as a protection from harm.
Also, Japanese believes that salt is said to bring good luck.
"OMAMORI" has prayed holy salt by the monk inside.
Therefore, the piles of salt is printed as design patterns.

Design ⇒ 108 Fuji Mountains ≈ Fuji shaped piled salt

It is believed that people have 108 desires in Japan.
These desires make one’s life harder.
The Japanese bells on New Year’s Eve at the temples
are hit 108 times to cleance people’s desire.
Therefore,108 piles of salt are printed as design patterns.

Although there are various opinions about Holy Salt and Japanese Bells on New Year’s eve,
please understand that our OMAMORI "Yu-zu-san" is based on Toji Temple’s theories.